In this project, we are going to organise a School Trip to Scotland.

The FINAL PRODUCT will consist of a DETAILED PROGRAM of the trip. It can have the format of a printed leaflet, or peferably, a web page with hypertext and multimedia contents.

Here are some compulsory requirements to accomplish the project:

- Everybody must belong to a group. Groups will ideally have FOUR members. Any other group size has to be allowed by the teacher after a reasonable explanation.

- Every member of the group will play a role (expert), but the final product will have to be a collaborative work. So, experts will work in close connection with the rest of the group. Evaluation of the project will take into account mostly the overall quality of the final product, but will also consider the individual work of each expert. The 'ROLES' will be:

- TRAVEL AGENT: Will be responsible for itineraries, transport, time schedules...

- CATERING: Will have to find where to stay and what and where to eat.

- GUIDE: Will be in charge of all visits, explain why or why not we'll have to stop here and there, buy tickets, etc.

- TEACHER: Will provide 'language help' and will keep a record of anything which might have 'curricular significance' (for history, Science...). Teacher will also be the 'general coordinator' of the group.

Every goup will work in their own space provided in this wiki. (There is a limited space of 2GB for the whole wiki; so, you are advised not to upload 'heavy' files which wil be better linked from anywhere on 'the cloud' like dropbox or G-Drive, etc.) The final product will also be displaded in thi wiki.

This 'virtual trip' will take place during the same dates as the real "Viaje de EStudios" and will have the same budget, that is, about 750€ per person, including pocket money.