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✎ Travel Agent:
This day we’ll go from Motril to Malaga's airport, in our parents’ car at 7:00 am, we’ll arrive at the airport more or less at 8:00 am. When we’ll arrive, we check in our suitcases, and we’ll wait for getting on the plane. We’ll arrive at Glasgow's airport more or less at 1:55pm.

✎ Guide:
When we’ll arrive in Glasgow we’ll visit the Glasgow Cathedral, but we cannot go inside because it’s closed, so we see the architecture of the cathedral that is incredible.. Then we see thing of Glasgow: George Square, Byres Road and the Lighthouse. And it's free! :D

✎ Catering:
We have breakfast early in the morning, before leaving (between 6:00 and 6:30 AM). We bring some food in our backpacks that we brought in our suitcases from Spain (so, no cost) and we eat it in any of the benches of George Square (at around 15:00, although normal lunch time has already quite passed, but we don't really care because we don't have to buy the food), there. Later, at around 7:00 PM, we eat black sheep in an Scottish style for dinner, at Black Sheep Bistro and sleep at the Glasgow Accommodation. We'll stay just one night in this B&B. Note: Just a curiosity: dinner is also sometimes called Supper, because it's considered the main meal.

I’m going to tell to the rest of the group the history of each place that we’re gonna see the first day. We will visit the Glasgow Cathedral: ’s a Medieval Cathedral and a Gothic architecture of the XII century. Glasgow Cathedral received its name before the Scottish Reformation. The patron of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, has its tomb in the lower crypt of this Cathedral. The Cathedral was built in the XII century with a Gothic architecture and it’s one of the few Scottish medieval churches. We will also visit George Square, where is the Glasgow City Chambers. It's the principal town square and it was laid out in 1781. Then, Byres Road, the shopping street of Glasgow and The Lighthouse, it's an old building and is the Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture.